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As well as uploading my own resources and sharing my ideas on this site, I also write elsewhere on the web. As a TES Subject Genius, I write regularly for the TES Computing blog. These articles can be found here. I have also written for Google's Teaching for Tomorrow hub on the TES. This article can... Continue Reading →

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Making a Crumble Christmas Tree

This year I decided to get an alternative tree for my classroom and when I saw this one from Hobbycraft, it seemed perfect for some coding projects to be easily attached. The tree decorations are made up of sparkle batons cotrolled by a Crumble controller. We used sparkle batons but if you don't have any... Continue Reading →

For this activity, I asked pupils to work in pairs to plan a Christmas-themed game. I demonstrated my own planning using the planning sheets that I was providing them with as well as providing the game I had created based on the planning: The game is available here I was building on some of the... Continue Reading →

Gruffalo Animation on Kodu

Gruffalo cut scene planning Designing my Gruffalo World A far more complex skill on Kodu than creating a simple game is creating an animation or cut scene. These are really impressive when they are achieved as they allow a storytelling element to be added to the game. They can be triggered by a range of... Continue Reading →

Super Mario-inspired Kodu worlds

This is a project that I carried out with Year 6 pupils. Initially they had to design their world and we looked at the different characters in a Mario game and their behaviours (e.g. when they bump a flower, they can shoot bombs, etc.) This was a project for pupils who had already had plenty... Continue Reading →

New Computing Coordinator: Part 3

Help! I have been asked to coordinate computing but I don’t know where to start. Part 3: Working with others This is the last of my 3-part series of blogs looking at what to do if you are feeling overwhelmed as a new coordinator or subject lead. This is particularly geared towards primary school teachers.... Continue Reading →

New Computing Coordinator: Part 2

Help I have been made computing coordinator but don't know where to start: Part 2 - increasing subject confidence You can find this article on the TES Subject Genius blog for Computing. This is the second of my 3-part series of blogs looking at what to do if you are feeling overwhelmed as a new... Continue Reading →

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