Have a Kodu Game Design Day

Kodu Code Help Booklet

Kodu Challenge Cards

A great way to engage pupils, if you have the opportunity, is to have a ‘Kodu Day’ or a ‘Game Design Day’. Pupils are able to quickly develop their skills and over the course of a day can create a game. You may want to do this in pairs or small groups, although many children will prefer to work individually. A Kodu Day may be something you might want to develop with other schools in your area as a competition. You shouldn’t worry if children have no prior experience of Kodu as they learn the basics quickly.

Here are some ideas in case you are thinking of running your own ‘Kodu Day’:

Introductory – getting to know Kodu ·         Simple challenges, (e.g ‘Challenge Cards’) to get pupils used to the basics.

·         10 minute challenge to create a game certain requirements:

  • Hills
  • Lava
  • Stars
  • Cycle
  • The game lasts 30 seconds
Introduce a theme that the game must fit into:

  • Underwater
  • Saving an octopus
  • Based on Mars (using the Mars Rover)
  • Racing game
  • Adventure game based on a fairytale
  • Arcade game, e.g. Pacman, Super Mario
  • Pick a theme that fits in with another area of your curriculum
·         Design world

·         Design character

·         Plan storyline

·         Plan code (When/Do) on paper or whiteboards

Share game ideas with others ·         Develop ideas based on feedback
Develop the game ·         Use all ideas gathered so far to create the world and develop the game

·         Test the game regularly during the development to solve problems

Play other games ·         Self and peer assess games

·         Suggest improvements

Develop the game further ·         Build the game based on feedback from users

If you have additional time, you could create merchandising and have a Dragons’ Den / Apprentice-style where they present their game and merchandise. They could also create a TV advert or website to ‘sell’ their game.

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