Link to game development to a Greek Myth

Files and planning for this unit can be downloaded here

This unit is taught in Year 5 after pupils have been introduced to Kodu through the Kodu Basics unit. It is taught at a time when pupils are learning about Greek myths and they are studying these in their English lessons. This unit focuses on Theseus and the Minotaur and uses the excellent version of the myth from the E2BN website.

This unit uses the ability to create speech for characters, have objects moving by following a path and is meant to demonstrate how the software can be used to create action similar to cut-scenes that are programmed to take place independent of the user.

As well as planning, booklet files and help videos specific to this unit, Kodu game files are included to help with specific skills, e.g. maze-building and making an object emit light to help guide the user through the labyrinth.

This unit encourages testing and debugging by asking pupils to consider tests to check that their game works as it should.

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