Inspire your pupils with real-world coding challenges

I recently wrote an article for Lego’s hub on the TES website about how coding challenges can be used to inspire your pupils and the importance of placing them within a real-world context.

A great way to help your pupils understand the relevance and importance of coding is through the use of competitions. There are so many things to get involved with. As this is the Year of Engineering, new and exciting competitions keep appearing. One that I didn’t mention in the TES article is the new Micro:bit Global Challenge which asks pupils to design a way of solving a problem in either your own community or a community elsewhere in the world. It seems exciting and although they suggest the use of a micro:bit which requires your pupils to have programming knowledge, they also accept the design ideas. It is for 8-12 year olds and closes on 16th November.

Here are some of the competitions that I mention in this article:

Mission Moon challenge (FIRST LEGO League Jr) is for lower KS2 and uses LEGO WeDo. Into Orbit (FIRST LEGO League) is aimed at upper KS2 and uses Mindstorms to compete in robotics challenges.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation hold the Astro Pi competition that allows pupils’ code to run on the International Space Station.

For secondary pupils, Tomorrow’s Engineers provide a series of exciting micro challenges in robotics alongside their main competition.

I hope you find some of these links useful and enjoy getting involved more with coding within a real-life context.

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