Rebrand your computer club

A computer club or a games studio? You can find this article on the TES Subject Genius blog for Computing. This article looks at how to rebrand your extracurricular clubs to make them more appealing to a wider audience and potentially attract those who wouldn't previously have come. I provide some ideas for clubs including:... Continue Reading →

New Computing Coordinator in your school? Check out my 3-part guide

My series of articles on the TES Subject Genius blog focus on different areas to consider when becoming Computing coordinator in your school. This guide is aimed at primary teachers and settings, where more often than not, becoming in charge of computing is something thrust upon staff, rather than a choice they make. My guide... Continue Reading →

Christmas Activity Ideas

Christmas-based technology activities You can find this article on the TES Subject Genius blog for Computing. Here I list ideas to use technology across the curriculum as well as in your computing lessons to add a Christmas flavour to your lessons.

Engaging Learners Through Technology

How technology transformed my pupils' engagement This article was written for the TES' Google-sponsored hub:¬†Teaching for Tomorrow.¬†It contains a range of articles with a wealth of ideas to implement in your classroom. My article focused on the following uses of technology: immersive worlds to aid creative writing inspirational videos visual interactive reward systems presenting information... Continue Reading →

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