Making a Crumble Christmas Tree

This year I decided to get an alternative tree for my classroom and when I saw this one from Hobbycraft, it seemed perfect for some coding projects to be easily attached. The tree decorations are made up of sparkle batons cotrolled by a Crumble controller. We used sparkle batons but if you don't have any... Continue Reading →

For this activity, I asked pupils to work in pairs to plan a Christmas-themed game. I demonstrated my own planning using the planning sheets that I was providing them with as well as providing the game I had created based on the planning: The game is available here I was building on some of the... Continue Reading →

Christmas Activity Ideas

Christmas-based technology activities You can find this article on the TES Subject Genius blog for Computing. Here I list ideas to use technology across the curriculum as well as in your computing lessons to add a Christmas flavour to your lessons.

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